Axis Mundi

from by Stargrave

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The axis mundi (also cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, center of the world, world tree), in certain beliefs, and philosophies is the world center or the connection between Heaven and Earth. At this point travel and correspondence is made between higher and lower realms. Here is their message...


divine beings disseminate
blessings to the loyal man
secrets of the heavens fall
to a race unworthy of the power

they failed us with their hate
their war against themselves
eliminates the ability
to ascend

judgment has been passed down
we send a messenger to you
unexplained visions
are the first communication

you wanted your war
here's your hell

I will descend
one final time
give them the word
open their minds

disgusted with their desire
to destroy themselves
selfishness, hatred, intolerance fails
the cleanse must commence

we designed you
your will is free
but you never learned
to coexist

we must break you
in order to restore
the balance
to the cosmos

face the wrath of the gods
they'll take back what they gave
a barren earth of peace in their wake

you want to destroy
here's your hell

I’ll help you find peace
one common enemy to fight


from Endless Sea, released April 1, 2015



all rights reserved



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