Endless Sea

by Stargrave

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This is a work in progress self produced Melodic Death Metal project. Many songs posted are for listening to progress for those who are interested. We are doing this for transparency and feedback.


released April 1, 2015



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Track Name: Fractal
figures come and take you into the night
paralyzing you as you sleep
helplessly lifted from your bed to the sky
your body now belongs to me

feel your will collapse
no one can help you now
time stands still as you look on the world you're leaving
lost and confused you realize there is no way out

panic sets in, you try to run for your life
a laboratory rat in the void
motionless, conscious, surrounded by grays
sedated for experimentation

surgical insemination a new host is born
carrying a hybrid of life
successful operation leaves a tear in your eye
you are the chosen one
Track Name: Child of Sumer
may the wrath of the heart of my god be pacified!
may the god who is unknown to me be pacified!

4000 years ago from the writings of stone
an ancient prophecy was born
a girl of sumerian descent would rise
to usher in the destruction of earth

child of sumer
we welcome you
save our race
we are dying

it doesn't matter what you believe
your destiny is sealed
rituilistic offerings to a higher being
a sacrifice of blood as been made

focused light in ruins
shows the path of all life
transformation emminent
queen of new creation

take my hand
live your role
you will have everything
all desires
will be granted
1000 times fold
Track Name: Celestial Method
sail away for the ride of your life
into the cosmos and beyond
an interstellar prisoner of an alien race
the new queen is crowned

bi-species brood mother
we bow to you
this is insane
i'll never be a part of you

oh yes you will my dear
your inter-species transformation has already begun
you will be queen

as you gaze upon your world
one last time
remember everything that you hate

time has come to shed yourself
assume the role as the supernae
the path is stone there is no choice
close your eyes and ascend

but you will for you see
the ancient scriptures foretold of your rise
now come forth
you must give birth to the master race
Track Name: Axis Mundi
divine beings disseminate
blessings to the loyal man
secrets of the heavens fall
to a race unworthy of the power

they failed us with their hate
their war against themselves
eliminates the ability
to ascend

judgment has been passed down
we send a messenger to you
unexplained visions
are the first communication

you wanted your war
here's your hell

I will descend
one final time
give them the word
open their minds

disgusted with their desire
to destroy themselves
selfishness, hatred, intolerance fails
the cleanse must commence

we designed you
your will is free
but you never learned
to coexist

we must break you
in order to restore
the balance
to the cosmos

face the wrath of the gods
they'll take back what they gave
a barren earth of peace in their wake

you want to destroy
here's your hell

I’ll help you find peace
one common enemy to fight
Track Name: Tetraside
pearl white walls cage a god of men
mind free to tread where body can't
focusing on separation soul
unrestraint is all perception

true enlightenment knows no bounds
for i can traverse time and space
a terminal into the outside is a vector
these walls mean nothing

live in a world without walls
the order in chaos comes from within

take control
look inward for yourself
anything can be achieved with this power

we don't have to exist in this cycle